Custom Map Wizard – Map Maker is available for general use!

We’ve officially launched Map Maker.   Map Maker is a wizard tool that lets you create your own custom maps, while leveraging location content from great content sources from around the web like Yelp, CityGrid, Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.  Thanks to those that have been helping test.

It’s easy to use – just 5 simple steps right here

  1. Pan, zoom, and set the size of your new map
  2. Drop your icons on the map, using custom icons or selections from a huge library
  3. Select the supplemental content layers you want available (Yelp, CitiGrid, Twitter, etc…)
  4. Decide which content, in addition to your own pins, should be turned on when the map is first displayed
  5. Copy the URL (or web code snippet) provided by the tool onto your web page or into your blog

That’s it.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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